PGM metals are a group of unique and rare precious metals that are produced in small quantities. In the platinum group there are; platinum, rhodium, palladium, ruthenium, osmium and iridium. Platinum precious metals are often used for investment purposes and diversifying portfolios.

Let’s take Platinum and Rhodium for example, they have widespread industrial uses, meaning their prices are highly driven by supply and demand metrics. PGM bullion is a reliable and worthwhile investment and at Sharps Pixley, we have a wide range of PGM metals great for investing.

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  1. Sharps Pixley 1kg Copper Bar
    Sharps Pixley 1kg Copper Bar
  2. 10g Platinum Bar - Degussa
    10g Platinum Bar - Degussa
  3. 20g Platinum Bar - Degussa
    20g Platinum Bar - Degussa
  4. 1oz Platinum Bar - Degussa
    1oz Platinum Bar - Degussa
  5. 100g Platinum Bar - Degussa
    100g Platinum Bar - Degussa
  6. 500g Platinum Bar - Degussa
    500g Platinum Bar - Degussa
  7. 1kg Platinum Bar - Degussa
    1kg Platinum Bar - Degussa
  8. 100g Rhodium Bar - Degussa
    100g Rhodium Bar - Degussa
  9. 1oz Iridium Bar - Degussa
    1oz Iridium Bar - Degussa
  10. 100g Palladium Bar - Degussa
    100g Palladium Bar - Degussa
  11. 1kg Palladium Bar - Degussa
    1kg Palladium Bar - Degussa
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Browse our diverse selection of copper bars, palladium bars, rhodium bars, iridium bars and platinum bars today. You can purchase products on our site but alternatively, you can pop in and see us at our showroom in London! We’d love to share our expertise and help you find the right investment product which will serve you well in years to come.Sharps Pixley are members of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a high value dealer and vaulting operator.